NIL Advanced Engineer Program – Data Center is a unique combination of classroom training and post-classroom learning sessions designed to help you keep your data center skills up to date.

NIL understands the importance of accelerating the transfer of new skills to the workplace, improving the return on your training investment. We designed NIL Advanced Engineer Program – Data Center to address crucial data center issues, with emphasis on practical design, deployment and troubleshooting challenges.

“NIL Advanced Engineer Program is all about improving network engineer skills in the workplace. This is achieved through three elements of the program: Skills Application Tools that we use in the classroom accelerate transfer of skills to the workplace, and post-classroom Advanced Class Webinars help students to maintain their skills over time. The key to both these learning methods is NIL’s instructors, who are all field-proven experts and active engineers. They bring added value, giving students the opportunity to learn skills for successful performance in the real-life challenges they face daily at their workplace.“
Karen Sharpe, Learning Services Manager, NIL

It takes an experienced engineer with current workplace skills to recognize and develop critical skills in student engineers. NIL’s team of expert engineers work on some of the largest and most complex IT infrastructures in the world… and they also teach our training classes. Using these experts’ hands-on, up-to-date experience, NIL has created sets of Skills Application Tools aligned with classroom learning to improve the development of important workplace skills. In this way, NIL Advanced Engineer Program is designed to accelerate time to workplace competency with carefully targeted experiential learning.

Maintaining advanced skills is as important as learning them, and can be very challenging in a rapidly changing technology environment. NIL Advanced Engineer Program includes a series of post-classroom Advanced Class Webinars that emphasize skills updates. The program provides live advanced classes delivered via regularly scheduled webinars to a limited number of students. NIL’s expert engineers share the latest technology trends, advanced designs, challenging deployment case studies, and technology software and hardware updates.

Students who enroll in NIL Advanced Engineer Program – Data Center classes receive a free 12 month subscription to NIL’s Advanced Class Webinars!