The go6 Institute is the main Slovenian non-profit organization and initiative supporting IPv6 transition. The institute’s core mission is promoting awareness and education, as well as providing consulting and help with activities surrounding IPv6 migration in Slovenia and abroad.

NIL has supported the goals of the go6 Institute as a member of the organization over the past three years, and has now extended its membership through October 2013. In previous years, NIL provided the translation of the Institute’s document “IPv6 Transition Study for the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia”, and has actively presented topics at events organized by the Institute.

A leading infrastructure integrator, NIL has been a long-time regional and global IPv6 pioneer. Through design, consulting and learning services for IPv6 deployment, NIL helps customers through transition to IPv6 infrastructures and related business services in a cost-effective and low-risk manner.