The seventh Slovenian IPv6 Summit and ISOC ION meeting, held October 18–19, 2012 in Ljubljana, gathered world-leading networking experts. Among the presenters was NIL’s own Ivan Pepelnjak.

The IPv6 Summit is the largest Slovenian event devoted to IPv6 migration. The Summit and the ISOC ION meeting, held the next day, were organized by the go6 association, the Internet Society, Arnes and the Laboratory for Telecommunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana. The attendees and presenters of these two conferences included technology experts from all over the world.

The opening speech of the IPv6 Summit was given by Robert Hinden, designer of the first Internet router and one of the co-authors of the IPv6 protocol. The attendees also listened to experts from companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Time Warner and Cisco.

NIL was the gold sponsor of the event, and NIL’s Chief Technology Advisor Ivan Pepelnjak presented a seminar called “Skip the Transitions, Jump Straight into IPv6 Waters.”

In addition to Pepelnjak, Slovenian IPv6 attendees shared expertise from Delo (the largest national daily newspaper in Slovenia), major Service Provider Telekom Slovenije, the go6 association and Arnes.