No single process, or system, is static and error-free

Your IT system is no exception. Unforeseen events, equipment defects, malfunctions, failures and security incidents do happen and we can also expect them to continue happening in the future as well.

Incidents in your IT environment, as a whole or in part, directly affect the operations of your company, thus making it of great importance to be able to remedy or even prevent them quickly and to provide for uninterrupted availability.

Uninterrupted availability of the it environment

The IT environment constitutes one of the key business process elements in all companies, connecting people, processes, products and services.

NIL's service NIL Assist assists IT environment managers in companies in providing for uninterrupted operation of the IT environment with numerous forms of preventive measures or, in case of an incident, for the remedy of issues as soon as possible.


  • Smooth operation, low and predictable costs of IT
  • Reliable and controlled IT infrastructure
  • Several regimes of assistance
  • Guaranteed deadlines for elimination of errors and failures
  • NIL’s center for assistance 24/7/365 and fast response
  • Access to technical information and new software versions