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Trying to improve your efficiency?

Instead of trying with expensive investments you should rather go for optimizing your existing IT infrastructure.

In today’s challenging economic environment and with tightened IT-department budgets, it is difficult to keep up with the course of development and constantly bring improvements to your IT infrastructure. Not only does upgrading prove time-consuming and technically demanding, but also expensive and leaving you having to wait for ages to see any return on your investment.

To achieve greater efficiency, however, sometimes no radical changes in the IT environment configuration are even necessary, since IT environment - and process-optimizing technologies may already improve the use of your existing infrastructure considerably.

Managed services provided by NIL help your IT administrators achieve better exploitation of the existing infrastructure. Automating the processes and optimizing the configuration of your IT environment leads to positive effects on productivity and efficiency of your business system.

The extent of these effects depends on the needs of each environment, but is always achieved at minimum costs and loss of time. For the optimization itself no extensive interventions in infrastructure configuration are usually required, so the effect becomes visible quickly and the investment less cost-demanding.

The following are our key managed services:

  • NIL Monitor, comprehensive monitoring of your IT-infrastructure and services
  • NIL Operate, co-management of your IT-environment


  • Improved use of existing IT infrastructure
  • Improved business efficiency