An unstable and insecure network with poor performance obviously jeopardizes business, but problems arise even in highly optimized and reliable networks. You need to be able to address your network issues quickly and solve problems before they harm your business.

NIL Advanced Technical Support provides support for high-priority issues. This support can be customized to meet your specific network needs.

This service gives you access to a designated team of senior engineers with extensive experience and highly focused troubleshooting skills relevant to your network profile and operating requirements. These experts have a deep understanding of your network architecture, design, layout — even the applications on which your network runs.

NIL’s team provides tailored support services, so you can be confident that high-priority problems are handled with a sense of urgency and a high level of efficiency by a team that knows your network and understands its complexity.

NIL Advanced Technical Support services deliver customized solutions for companies that don’t have in-house expertise or that merely need to augment their current resources. With this service, customers avoid the expense of hiring and training additional employees when specific projects arise. They benefit from NIL’s services through reduced planning and design time, faster network implementation, enhanced network performance, improved overall network availability and reduced cost of ownership.