Today you need to work quickly and effectively to maintain market share and be successful in highly competitive and globalized markets. Business often encompasses many people from multiple locations. Collaboration among colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers is therefore crucial.

Using high-definition video, advanced audio, and a finely tuned environment, Cisco TelePresence delivers a live, immersive experience over the network. You can communicate in person and converse in real time, catching every moment, gesture, and nuance of the conversation.

Cisco TelePresence transforms the features of video communication into a competitive advantage. You can increase productivity, improve group collaboration, accelerate decision-making, save time and money as well as improve work-life balance.

With its natural end-user experience, quality, reliability, any-to-any interoperability and scalability, the Cisco TelePresence solution portfolio includes endpoints for a variety of usage and business purposes:

  • Immersive: the ultimate video collaboration experience.
  • Multipurpose: award-winning solutions for a wide range of multipurpose rooms and environments.
  • Personal: on the go, in your office or at home – video collaboration wherever you are.
  • Infrastructure: core components integrate applications and equipment (cameras, screens, microphones etc.) from different vendors into the Cisco TelePresence system.
  • Solutions Platform: customized solutions for specific use in healthcare, military, education and governmental applications.