In the world of modern business, information communication technology (ICT) has become a commodity. Primarily, this change has affected voice and Internet services, making them practically utilities — like water and electricity. IT services are next in line. Businesses must focus on their core competencies in order to survive and thrive.

There are at least six good reasons why service providers need to go into the Cloud ICT business model offering for their end customers:

  • The traditional service provider’s proposition (voice, broadband, mail, web) is becoming a commodity and is losing value.
  • The introduction of desktop as a service (DaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) creates a new revenue stream, especially from small and medium-sized companies that don’t have their own IT departments.
  • Average revenue per customer increases and churn decreases with a fully enabled workplace proposition (broadband, voice, applications, desktop) — a future-proof offer from service providers.
  • Application providers are very motivated to sell their products using the SaaS model in service providers’ app stores; this feature opens new markets for application providers, gives them payment assurance and resolves unlicensed software use.
  • SPs can provide end-to-end SLAs, including broadband, voice, applications, network computers and nonstop customer support on customer premises — an enterprise level of service that can be delivered to both the SMB and corporate customers for a fraction of the current price.
  • Most importantly, the customer gets a fully enabled workplace from a single trusted service provider for an affordable monthly fee without capital investments.

NIL has set its goal in development of cloud services primarily for the unaddressed small and medium-sized business market segment.  Our belief that this is a future-proof model is so strong that NIL has developed the “office in a box” proposition in the Slovenian market as a service provider.

This globally unique, fully automated integration and support proposition for service providers and their customers is a first-class NIL asset, ready for fast deployment into the ecosystems of service providers.