Today, business is moving at an ever-increasing rate, yet it’s not enough just to run faster — to stay ahead, sometimes you need to change gears. Moving from traditional to virtual desktops is just such a shift in gears. Welcome to the Cloud!

Everybody talks about the Cloud, but it’s difficult to see it or use it. Everywhere and nowhere, for most people the Cloud seems an enigma.

Not anymore.

NIL has solved the riddle of the Cloud with Flip IT, a Cloud-based solution you can use today to build a competitive advantage for your business.

Flip IT is a reliable, secure and affordable cloud solution. With Flip IT, the virtual power of your IT infrastructure is available to all your locations around the world. You’ll always have enough resources, without additional hardware installations or configuration changes. Flip IT is easy to use and user-friendly. It’s safe, so you don’t have to worry about losing or taking care of your data. Flip IT does all this work  — and more — for you, automatically.

Flip IT - Managed Service

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While you focus on other tasks, Flip IT takes care of your IT matters.
 Traditional PC desktopFlip IT workplace
  • Workplace
Fixed desk, or mobile via laptopAny device anywhere
  • Setup
Each PC built to HW and SW specifications, fixed configurationsEach virtual computer dynamically provisioned to match any spec
needed at the moment
  • Maintenance
Each workstation needs to be touched, each location needs to be visitedEverything, around the world, is click-provisioned from one  central location
  • Security
Major effort, dependent on quality of procedures, enforced everywhereNo effort, policies are automatically enforced
  • Backup
Requires special care, demanding, fragmentedClean, pre-automated, 100% coverage regular solution
  • Total cost of ownership per desktop
Upwards of 10,000 € annually50% less than traditional PC setup