Instructor-Led Training (ILT), in parallel with other learning methodologies offered at NIL (such as e-learning &remote labs, advanced class webinars and others), remains one of the most efficient and popular methods for teaching high-end technology content.

Even though e-learning and remote labs allow our students to learn anytime and anywhere at significantly lower cost, traditional instructor-led training allows learners to obtain more knowledge and deeper skills in less time — under the instruction guidance and mentorship of certified NIL instructors.

Each instructor develops a broad range of IT content, and their well-organized and professionally delivered teaching style enables learners to grasp key components of the courses efficiently.

In addition to improving their teaching skills continually, NIL instructors work as field engineers on a daily basis. They are engaged in real-life projects and gain hands-on technical experience while working with NIL’s major customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

NIL offers two types of instructor-led training:

  • classic classroom training
  • Technology Led Training (TLT)
Award-winning Technology Led Training (TLT) is a new way for people to learn. Through the use of advanced video technology, TLT is changing education, helping students and instructors to create new types of classrooms – and attend training around the globe. The approach is beneficial both for students and NIL, as it helps us to deliver classes that would otherwise be unavailable in a classical training environment.

Technology Led Training

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TLT enables NIL to run a centralized training schedule across the whole EMEAR region. Currently we have three operational TLT centers (in Slovenia, in South Africa and in Nigeria), and we plan to set up more centers in our regional branches.Customers can select standard classroom training or Technology Led Training from NIL’s standard course schedule, or request customized classroom delivery at any location around the world.