Running complex learning programs in the information and communications technology (ICT) environment is a challenge even for experienced training organizations. The first obstacle is usually determining the right training program — relevant content, best implementation options and so on. Today’s ICT training focuses heavily on competencies, with a multitude of options to achieve the goal.


NIL can create the right program and run it for you. We help you in curriculum planning, assessing your staff’s existing skills and analyzing the gaps. After gathering all the data, we plan the training with you and then run the entire program — using only NIL’s resources. NIL manages the project, providing instructional resources, materials and labs. We ensure that the project is completed with the desired outcome — a well-trained, competent staff that creates business results.

NIL has been involved in networking for more than 20 years, and our competencies and expertise are proven. We have a tradition of developing new network technologies and deploying complex solutions, as well as running extensive learning programs such as Cisco CCIE 360, the NIL Data Center (DC) enablement program and the NIL Service Provider (SP) enablement program.

We can also help you in shaping your own programs, developing the content for you or managing your remote labs solution.