Acceleration of workplace competency is a desired outcome from most training interventions. NIL recognizes the importance of delivering training that accelerates transfer of skills from the classroom to the workplace, in order to improve return on training investment. It takes an experienced engineer with current workplace skills to recognize and develop those skills critical to the student engineer.

NIL’s expert engineers work with some of the largest and most complex IT infrastructures in the world — and these engineers teach our training classes. Using the hands-on, up-to-date experience of these experts, NIL has created sets of Skills Application Tools that are aligned with classroom learning to improve the student’s development of important workplace skills. In this way, NIL Advanced Engineer Program is designed to accelerate time to workplace competency with the inclusion of carefully targeted experiential learning.

Maintaining skills is as important as developing them, and it’s very challenging in a rapidly changing technology environment. Therefore, NIL Advanced Engineer Program includes skills updates, presented as a series of regular post-classroom webinars. The program provides live, advanced classes delivered via webinar to a limited number of students. An expert NIL engineer shares the latest technology trends, advanced designs and case studies of challenging deployments, as well as technology software and hardware updates.