Clouds cover the IT sky. The Cloud is the new paradigm. The term is becoming ubiquitous. And confusing. With all this confusion, companies are understandably hesitant to adopt and invest in new cloud-based solutions.

But NIL is above the Cloud. We are taking a step further to put you in the Cloud.

NIL HyperCenter is a holistic, vendor-agnostic and evolutionary architecture, providing IT departments with a blueprint for building, transforming to and operating a modern private cloud infrastructure. Built around the concept of end-to-end standardization, consolidation, virtualization and automation, NIL HyperCenter encompasses all aspects of IT infrastructure: computing resources, network resources, network services, storage services and end-user computing.

Customers can deploy the NIL HyperCenter architecture as an evolutionary transformation of their existing data center infrastructure, as a modular and limited proof-of-concept project or as a greenfield instance of their next-generation IT infrastructure.

In all cases, NIL supports customers with the necessary analytic processes to define the optimal scope of engagement, maximize customer-specific benefits and tailor all aspects of the solution to the customer environment.