Contemporary business processes demand uninterrupted functioning of IT infrastructure, with real-time responsiveness. Permanent availability of communications and information services is key to successful business operations, representing significant savings of time and money.

Predictability may not be everyone’s cup of tea in life, but it’s crucial in running IT. Each deviation from the planned parameters adversely affects business operations, and consequently productivity, income and satisfaction of customers and employees. Failure of communications networks or breakdown of the information system can mean interruptions or even suspension of working processes, which may have fatal consequences for the organization.

Constant and professional supervision over the functioning of the IT infrastructure, supported by high-capacity diagnostic tools, can decrease problems to the lowest possible level — or even prevent them. However, this type of supervision requires a substantial amount of time, knowledge,
experience and equipment.

To simplify this equation, NIL offers the NIL Monitor service, which independently monitors the functioning of IT infrastructure and information services, constantly measuring and reporting on vital parameters. And we all know that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. NIL Monitor allows you to keep tabs on your preffered service level agreement (SLA) parameters, without purchasing additional hardware, and proactively control your system fitness in cost-effective way.

NIL Monitor is an excellent management service for enterprises as well as service providers seeking to improve their core competences without additional resource investment. It is available globally.