The service provider (SP) network has grown in the past decade not only in the speed that it provides, but also in the services it needs to support. End users expect access to a full range of communications options, entertainment and online services. Only a properly designed network can fulfill all of those expectations.

Designing service provider core networks has historically been one of NIL’s strengths. NIL has always focused on helping service providers to design and implement their networks to support these common solutions:

  • Internet connectivity (i.e., peering with other service providers, peering with customers)
  • Layer-3 MPLS VPNs to provide private IP networks to customers
  • Layer-2 MPLS VPNs to provide LAN connectivity between remote customer sites.
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering (MPLS TE) to improve availability and optimize resource utilization.
  • Quality of service (QoS) to ensure adequate performance of sensitive and critical applications such as IP telephony or IP TV.

Whether in a greenfield situation or a redesign (with migration), NIL can design and implement a custom solution that meets all the requirements of the network and allows for future growth.