NIL is a leading global unified computing solutions provider and a center of excellence in data communications, with a core expertise in advanced and emerging technologies.

What does that mean? Service Providers, Channel Partners, large enterprises and governmental institutions – this is the type of client our engineers help every day.

Why do they choose us? Because we help them with the most complex problems, whether in the field of managed services, professional services or learning services. And what’s most astounding to many of them: all these services are delivered by the same expert. That’s right — each technical wizard is project engineer, instructor and consultant – all in one person. That’s how they like it, because it keeps them sharp. And that’s why NIL delivers scalable, flexible and robust solutions for the needs of any company that uses IT.

We provide complete client support from skill development to go-to-market solutions, all at high standards and high speeds. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about: helping you focus on your core business and not lose time (or money) worrying about the things that enable you to run it.

Out of the many solutions in NIL’s offer, I personally recommend that you first take a look at the areas of expertise you see in the sidebar on your right.

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Ula Kepežinskaite Đurić, M.Sc., Sales Manager


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