NIL has been involved in finding and training future employees for a number of years. Young people who are interested in information communications technologies, who are innovative and want to begin their career in our IT world, are given free training seminars and professional development assistance during their graduate studies.

  • Join our monitor team

    NIL Monitor team is a supervisory group where students get practical work with proactively monitor large networks and develop new supervisory system functions under the supervision of a mentor. This is a start point for your professional growth at NIL.

    Available only at NIL Headquarters in Slovenia.

  • Program for the new kids on the block

    In each new environment at the beginning you feel you're drowning in the amount of new information. Here come our senior employees to rescue you. As a new employee you will go through one-month practical training course in which NIL experts will present you all the areas of work at NIL in theory and practice.

  • Fresh: Programming challenge

    In collaboration with the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana-Slovenia, we have prepared a competition for the best software solution in which you can win great prizes.

    Available only at NIL Headquarters in Slovenia.