NIL and Microsoft have a history of successful collaboration, as Microsoft’s solutions are engaged in many of our products. NIL currently holds six Microsoft Partner statuses:

  • NIL’s competency in building, designing, deploying and supporting the Windows Server operating system, Windows Server-based applications, and the Microsoft Server infrastructure is assured through attained Microsoft Gold Server Platform competency. It proves NIL’s knowledge and experiences in resolving clients’ needs by controlling operating costs and increasing efficiencies through more effective applications, reduced IT labor and facilities costs and consolidated servers.
  • The Microsoft Gold Management and Virtualization competency showcases NIL’s expertise in delivering next-generation automation solutions such as private cloud, management and virtualization services that will help our customers leverage the value from their desktop and datacenter investments.
  • To earn a Microsoft Silver Hosting designation, NIL had to meet several criteria: employ a number of certified engineers, achieve a minimum revenue commitment, submit client references and demonstrate their satisfaction by participating in customer surveys. This prestigious designation is therefore not only a sign of NIL’s expertise in managed hosting, but recognition of an excellent business relationship between Microsoft, NIL and our clients.
  • The Microsoft Silver Application Development competency shows NIL’s expertise and experience in Microsoft technologies for applications in cloud, mobile and data analytics. By gaining access to a comprehensive set of benefits through the Application Development competency, NIL can help their customers increase their productivity through the deployment of business applications, advanced web portals and rich client user interfaces that run on premise or in the cloud.
  • The Microsoft Silver Messaging competency helps NIL leverage their expertise in delivering Microsoft Exchange solutions to gain competitive advantage and increase revenue. It also provides access to benefits that strengthen NIL’s Exchange expertise.
  • Through earning a Microsoft Silver Volume Licensing competency NIL demonstrates that it can assist its customers in acquiring and managing software licenses which can be complex and daunting. Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing solutions and services to businesses will open opportunities for NIL to attract customers and expand their services business.

Through the process of obtaining the listed partnership statuses, NIL had to demonstrate robust, efficient and scalable implementations of Microsoft technologies in several customer deployments. Microsoft Partner statuses give NIL early access to the latest technologies, training and technical support, enabling NIL’s clients to enjoy world-class services and solutions.