Ales Gajsek CSO NIL

Aleš Gajšek

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Aleš Gajšek is a firm believer in digitalization and its positive impact on business, solution and services quality, and customer satisfaction. Digital technologies help an organization better understand its own processes and markets as well as establish more efficient processes, which eventually results in better customer service and more success.

He joined NIL in 2018 after a decade in sales in the telecommunication and industry sectors. In his career, he proved himself as an account manager, international sales leader, and sales director. He is proud of his achievements in these roles, from the financial and organizational perspective, and on his personal growth as a leader. Good business results are, in his opinion, always a consequence of the correct strategic direction, team effort and collaboration, constant improvements, and efficient leadership. He also puts these experiences to good use at NIL, where he is responsible for the leading and strategic development of all of the company’s sales departments. In his role as chief sales officer, his main tasks involve the consolidation of NIL’s presence on all markets, further digitalization, and synchronization of the sales and marketing activities.

Although Aleš believes in the potential of digitalization and technologies, he insists that first and foremost, business is done by people and for people. He invests a lot of energy in nurturing a good collaboration within NIL as well as with our clients. As a company, we have to show even more understanding of our clients’ challenges and turn these insights into better solutions and services.

Aleš claims that a good leader has to understand and have an ear for each member of the team, while at the same time steer everybody toward the same goal. He fosters respect and sincerity among his colleagues and expects them to work hard.

In his private life, Aleš Gajšek is a family man. He also enjoys sports and is an active member of the Union of Firefighters of Slovenia.