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Martin Camp

Regional Director, South Africa

Martin Camp joined NIL in early 2009 with the mandate to start up NIL’s sub-Saharan African division. Camp has made telecoms his lifelong career, having worked in this industry for the past 24 years. Originally South African, he completed his two years of military service and then served a three-year apprenticeship as a telecom technician for the South Africa Post and Telecommunications Services. Later, led by his hunger for technology, Camp obtained a B.Com. in ICT from Washington State University in the U.S.

Wanting international Service Provider experience, Camp left South Africa in 1989 and worked in the United Kingdom for the next seven years. The UK market was just entering a massive growth phase with deregulation, and Camp worked for several Service Providers and cable companies, installing and later designing PDH/SDH optical networks. He specialized in last-mile access technologies, a passion that he follows closely to this day. During this period he helped to design and build many global NOCs and PSTN switch centers within the London area; this meant managing multiple teams of international engineers in various countries. As often happens to ambitious engineers, Camp chose the management route after completing a Project Management certification as part of his growth process.

He then took a nine-month sabbatical to fulfill a lifelong dream: he and his wife traveled from London back to Durban (South Africa) overland, using only public transportation. Upon returning to his home shores, he spent the next two years working for Telkom SA, designing an award-winning optical network for the city of Durban. After completing this unique project, Camp decided to venture back abroad again, this time with his wife and child as part of the team. He spent the next six years working for Lucent Technologies as Optical Transmission Manager, based in Saudi Arabia. Two children later, the family decided to move to Bahrain, where Camp joined a U.S. startup company, ThruPoint Consultancy. He managed the Middle East region, looking after clients such as Cisco Technologies, Saudi Telecoms, Etisalat and Qtel in Qatar. This work completed his 10-year stint in the Middle East.

In early 2008, from abroad, Camp saw the African Telco sector showing consistent signs of booming across the continent. Based on this awareness, and his knowledge of a mid-sized, well-run, and respected European services company called NIL, he decided it was time for another startup in his life.

As Director for NIL Data Communications Africa Pty (Ltd), Camp is putting all of his global management, technical and human networking skills to good use. With a never-ending enthusiasm for life, he has assembled an energetic and very professional team to bring the strong international NIL brand to the sub-Saharan ICT market. To date, this combination has been very successful – and since it’s a big continent, more good news is sure to follow.

He still pursues his personal love for two wheels in South Africa. His wife and three sons now join him regularly to participate in mountain bike races across the country. Individually, Camp also competes in off-road endurance motorbike racing, chasing the dream of competing in the Dakar before his racing career is over.