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Uroš Strnišnik

Director, Technical Division

Uroš Strnišnik’s motto is “find a solution and not a problem” and this kind of attitude he expects also from his colleagues. As the leader of NIL’s technical department he praises proactivity and dedication, while at the same time he also fosters a relaxed atmosphere, cooperation and mutual respect among coworkers; one of the first things they would probably point out about Uroš is his sense of humor, which also finds its way into more serious and professional business conversations.

Strnišnik is an engineer at heart. He developed an interest in computers as a kid and already in elementary school he attended computer courses at the Jožef Stefan Institute. Enrolling into a high school for Computer Science was a natural next step. He gained his first experience with organization in a smaller logistical company, but he soon moved to a technology company where he was working in the technical department. He joined NIL in 2005 as a network engineer and since then has gained vast experience in planning and installing wired and wireless networks, IP telephony and video. As a consultant, engineer or team leader he has participated in several of NIL’s projects for large Slovenian and international enterprises and service providers. As a certified Cisco instructor he had the opportunity to travel the world and he also learned a lot about communication and public speaking.

Management recognizes in Strnišnik a person who can make the best out of NIL’s technical team and he sees this as a great responsibility. He knows that NIL has huge technical capabilities that make the company very attractive and competitive on the market. He is proud he can lead such a group of experts. Strnišnik is actively involved in the development and execution of consulting and training services, as well as strategic directions and coordination within NIL.

He likes to put his organizational skills to work also in his free time. He is an eager sailor and the knowledge gained at work often comes in handy when he is on the open sea (and vice versa). There he also enjoys fishing, however, his favorite way of spending free time is with his family.