Vasko Berden

CEO, NIL and NIL Skupina

Vasko Berden has been with NIL since 2005. Prior to joining NIL, Berden gathered experience in the stock market, mergers and acquisitions, and general legal business operations, demonstrating his interest and ability in the financial and legal aspects of modern business. Working for an international corporation for five years helped Berden to expand his expertise in law and finance, with a special mindset focusing on proactive enablement of the business at hand.

As a General Manager he is responsible for the high-level management, strategic direction and coordination of NIL companies. Prior to taking on that role in 2015, he worked as general counsel for legal and administrative affairs. Among the hallmarks of that period he considers consolidation of all NIL's subsidiaries and establishment of the risk management system that displayed its importance during the constrained economic situation and global financial crisis.

Based also on that experience, Berden gives a lot of attention to mitigating risks and preventing the company from negative situations. In his opinion, this goes hand in hand with an ambitious market approach and expanding business reach, which are the main characteristics of his management style. Berden's goal is to make NIL even more successful on international markets by exporting NIL's knowledge and services, expanding its partnership network and building a strong brand on the European, African and American markets.

Vasko Berden is a legal expert who understands law as a tool that can encourage better business decisions and performance. He is a business-oriented manager, who fosters a professional but relaxed work environment and relationships among colleagues. He keeps his office door always open and is still frequently the “go-to guy” for opinions on a wide variety of issues, since he has proven himself to be trustworthy and knowledgeable in all matters of business. He takes great pride in this fact, as it displays that employees trust him and he sees trust as a foundation for successful work and business.

Vasko Berden holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana (2000). He is a certified auditor for ISO 9001 (2005) and ISO 27001 (2011). In his free time he enjoys participating in sport activities, but still the most valuable are the moments spent with his family.