In digitalized business environments, your application performance has a direct impact on your business performance and customer experience. Join the webinar to learn how you can leverage the Cisco AppDynamics platform to gain real-time insights into your application stack and use that data to improve your business outcomes, work processes, and customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Application Performance Monitoring with Cisco AppDynamics

Cisco AppDynamics is a leading Application Performance Management (APM) solution that provides real-time monitoring of your applications, thereby supporting infrastructures and business outcomes for detecting anomalies and keeping your business running smoothly. In essence, it helps you understand your application performance and enables you to translate these metrics into real business value.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • What is Application Performance Management (APM) and its benefits?
  • What is Cisco AppDynamics and its capabilities?
  • How to detect and diagnose complex application performance problems?
  • How to aggregate IT infrastructure and software metrics in one place, present them in an understandable way, and correlate them with business flows and user experience?