Standard SIEM solutions are relatively expensive, demanding to maintain, and rigid. The cloud-based SIEM systems can successfully solve these problems, while also bringing along many more functions. This webinar will talk about Azure Sentinel, cloud-based SIEM by Microsoft, and its key advantages and properties. You will get a chance to see how Azure Sentinel works in a demo attack.

Join the webinar and you will learn about:

  • The key advantages of cloud-based SIEM systems
  • What is the Azure Sentinel solution and how it works
  • How to start using Azure Sentinel
  • Reachability of the solution and pricing, depending on use
  • Which solutions can be integrated with Azure Sentinel (Azure ATP, Office 365…)
  • What are the chances of integrations with other providers´ solutions (Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Amazon...)
  • Key information regarding automatization, UEBA functionalities, and how Azure Sentinel uses machine learning or AI to increase efficiency