RiSK 2018 brings together CIOs, CTOs, bank CSOs, retailers, telcos, government, system integrators, IT consultants and the world’s top Internet security people. The event hosts internationally renowned and acclaimed speakers, offering first class advice. Among them is also NIL's Jan Bervar with presentation Smart security investing: change your game.

Conference RISK 2018 will host many interesting companies and speakers that will give you a first person view of the new technologies and solutions, present real life use cases, local case studies and also address the global market challenges. All this will be done through a series of keynote speeches, company and solution presentations, interactive workshops, technical demonstrations and overall networking of all participants throughout the 14th and 15th of March 2018 in Congress Centre Thermana Park Laško, Slovenia.

NIL's Jan Bervar, IT architect will deliver the following presentation:

  • Smart security investing: change your game!: As the infosec - pardon me, the “cybersec” - vendor community is trying to hide its slow pace of innovation through concept renaming and new buzzwords, there is a very real digital defense evolution happening under the surface. However, to join it and make perhaps the most meaningful upgrade of your risk management in decades, you will have to change your game. Fortunately, in 2018, doing so is easier than ever before.