Azure Backup and Revovery 1

Can you afford data loss?

In the past month, we've seen two airlines suffer great losses from minor IT system faults, with thousands of flights cancelled because system recoveries took longer than expected. The events remind us of the importance of having disaster recovery plans in place to make sure that your business can restore and continue operations in case of a disaster. They also serve as a reminder that a “disaster” doesn’t necessarily need to be a monumental event, and that even global enterprises can be brought to their knees for days due to something as simple as a router failure.

This is why we’ve decided to host a series of 2 webinars where our backup and recovery expert Robert Markič will show you how you can take advantage of Microsoft Azure to deploy an affordable and scalable disaster recovery system and minimize the business impact of system disruptions.

Watch the first part, focusing on backup, and learn about the benefits and limitations of recovery-ready cloud backup.