Cisco DNA Center Automation Analytics and Platform Overview

How does Cisco DNA Center solve your network management challenges?

Enterprise network professionals know that the typical business networks are challenging for administration. The ever-increasing number of endpoints, users, VLANs, and subnets is making segmentation difficult. Multiple touchpoints and complex user interactions are making network management hard. Not surprisingly, issue resolution and troubleshooting are slow and suboptimal.

Therefore, from the business perspective, traditional networks are expensive as well as not suited for a modern, fast-changing, and dynamic environment. So, how to make networks simpler and more flexible, easier to manage and troubleshoot and, at the end of the day, more cost effective?

Cisco Digital Network Architecture Center (Cisco DNA Center) is the foundational controller and analytics platform for large and midsize organizations. Cisco DNA Center provides a single dashboard for every fundamental management task in order to simplify running your network.

Watch the webinar recording where we discussed how Cisco DNA Center enables you to respond to changes and challenges faster and more intelligently.

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Robert Lesar, network expert at NIL (part of Conscia) explained:

  • The business and technical drivers for better, intent-based networking
  • The role of Cisco DNA Center in next-generation network management
  • Cisco DNA Center automation capabilities for provisioning and change management
  • Cisco DNA Intelligent analytics capabilities and how it pulls telemetry data from everywhere in the network
  • How to use Cisco DNA Center to integrate third party services into your network
  • Cisco DNA Center licensing and road map