Cloud application security

80% of employees are using unapproved SaaS apps

Even if your organization doesn’t use cloud applications, you or your colleagues probably do. Researchers found that up to 80% of your employees are using unapproved SaaS apps. Whatever the reasons, this practice introduces significant security risks of data leakage, exposure to phishing, etc. These threats are difficult to detect and prevent, because traditional security solutions and controls fail to provide visibility into cloud app usage (off-premise traffic, unique transactions, data usage and storage, app-level activities etc.)

To help you take back control over cloud app usage, we invite you to watch the webinar recording, where our expert Jan Češčut explained how to achieve deeper visibility and enhance security of cloud applications. You will see a practical demo of how to discover cloud applications used in your environment, how to control their usage, and protect your organization based on the insights acquired by Microsoft Cloud App Security solution.