I want that course Sure but do you NEED it

It starts when we receive a request with a question like this:

»Do you offer the following courses: ABC, CDE and FGB?« A simple list of acronyms.

Our answer: »Yes, we offer all of them.« Indeed, they are on the web in the schedule.

The customer: »Please send a quote and dates, must be delivered by the end of the next month, eight attendees.«

We are glad to do that. It is easy. But very often the content overlaps a little bit between the courses (did you notice that the above-listed acronyms intentionally overlap in some letters?), some modules are not relevant to the customer environment etc. The customer did a quick (too quick?) overview of the content on the web and the courses sounded exactly the right choice. Then we send a quote and it seems expensive, the duration is too long etc. We completely understand the customer’s frustration and would like to help to make customer investment optimal and make the customer happy.

What NIL always tries to propose is at least a short discussion between our instructor and the customer’s contact. The instructor knows the content, customers know their needs. By matching these two components, we are able to create the optimal curriculum, the solution where the content (and maybe even the delivery type) is adjusted to meet the customer’s needs. This approach typically results in a shorter training duration, greater customer satisfaction and – last but not least – optimal pricing. For more complex projects we engage a broader team of instructors and educational consultants.

In today’s digital learning world, NIL is more flexible than ever before – creating learning solutions that fit customers’ needs as close as possible. With our wide span of educational services, we assess the customer’s needs, identify the gaps, create a respective curriculum, customize the content and select the most relevant blend of learning solutions, complemented with e-learning, remote labs and collaboration throughout our community. Together with the customer we create what is really needed, not exactly what was originally requested. We want to make sure that customer satisfaction is high AFTER the training – not just before the training.