Vodacom Business Services

Complete overview of the hosting environment

Virtual hosting is a solution offered by Vodacom Business Services that enables Vodacom, a South African mobile telecommunications company, to provide secure and reliable data, information and application storage on virtual nachines (VMs). Vodacom offers services across its network of data centers in South Africa.

Virtual hosting has been on the market for more than two years, and it continues to be an attractive offer for customers in South Africa. In order to increase its product’s competitive advantage, Vodacom decided to add features and new functionality, enriching monitoring capabilities and giving customers detailed insight into their virtual environment status. In addition, Vodacom wanted to provide customers with an option to generate reports through a web-based portal, as well as the ability to monitor their resource pools and virtual machines on an ongoing basis. Vodacom also wanted to add more features for internal monitoring and reporting.

"The NIL Monitor solution meets our requirements for our hosting environment. NIL was selected as a partner based on NIL Monitor's ability to offer broad functionality, from end-user portals to resource pool monitoring. Feature velocity was also a factor, as the NIL team can react and expedite feature requests quickly."

Chris Lazarus, Commercial Development Enterprise, Vodacom Business Services

NIL Monitor complies with Vodacom's requirements

During the product selection phase, three other vendor solutions were also assessed. After a full proof-of-concept exercise and matrix comparison, NIL Monitor was selected.

Through a web-based portal, NIL Monitor can provide a detailed real-time overview of the hosting environment, as well as on-demand or automated reports with monitoring alarms hourly, daily, weekly and yearly. The solution informs customers as certain thresholds are exceeded, enabling them to make informed decisions – and, if necessary, adjustments – faster, allowing for greater business continuity and better planning.

The partnership with NIL also results in close cooperation for the development of new features required by market leader Vodacom, ensuring the seamless and quick addition of new services as required to keep pace with customers’ needs.

In all, the NIL Monitor solution provides customers with a detailed overview of their environment – they can plan and add more capacity in real time, allowing Vodacom to meet changing requirements consistently and retain competitive advantage.

Full set of features and functionalities

NIL Monitor offers customers a wide range of services.

Basic monitoring and reporting services:

  • Web-based monitoring
  • Monitoring of customer resource pool (per hour, day, week, month and year)
  • Monitoring of customer VMs (per hour, day, week, month and year)
  • Monitoring of CPU, hard disk drives (HDD) and memory for customer VMs (per hour, day, week, month and year)
  • Automatic detection of new VMs added to the resource pool
  • Automated monthly reporting

Additional services:

  • On-demand reporting
  • Alarm and notification functions
  • VM uptime overview (for service-level agreement purposes)

Services for internal use:

  • Virtual hosting environment monitoring and inventory management
  • Reporting on future capacity planning
  • Multiple notification, alarm and reporting services for deep 
  • Insight into environment performance

Business benefits

  • New revenue stream through additional features of NIL Monitor
  • Full inventory management of back-end infrastructure
  • More efficient use of assets
  • Prompt development of additional functionality 

Solution characteristics

  • Resource pool monitoring
  • Monitoring of virtual machines
  • CPU, HDD and memory monitoring
  • Automatic VM detection
  • Alarm and notification 
  • Functionality
  • Full and automated status reporting
  • VM uptime report
  • Reports for future capacity planning

You focus on your business, we will keep an eye on your IT

NIL Monitor provides independent monitoring of the functioning of your IT infrastructure, continuous insight into the functioning of all vital IT and communications components and services, proactive detection and rectification of issues as well as identification of IT environment functioning trends. It helps you improve the functioning of your IT infrastructure without having to make any further investments into hardware and experts, and in managing your IT infrastructure.