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Big Bang migrates its online store into NIL's Flex IT public cloud

Big Bang has 17 stores, one of the most visited online shops and is among the largest retailers of electronics computers and home appliances in Slovenia. More and more of Big Bang's customers are using its online store to either get information about products or to purchase them online so the online store has become one of the company’s most important sales channels. In order to keep up with the increasing website traffic and to ensure an excellent user experience, Big Bang had to perform constant IT infrastructure upgrades.

At first the upgrades consisted of memory extensions, but soon this was not enough and they had to deploy new servers. These regular maintenance and infrastructure changes demanded a lot of Big Bang's small IT staff's time and cost the company money. However, the trend of increasing web traffic continued and at Big Bang they soon realized that in the long term, upgrading their IT infrastructure might not be the best option from a financial as well as a technical point of view. After cost analysis and research of the technical possibilities, they decided to migrate their online store onto a managed infrastructure or into the public cloud.

Convinced by flexibility and expertise of the local cloud provider

Big Bang performed a thorough market analysis during which they tested platforms from various global and local cloud service providers. After 5 months of testing, they decided to migrate their online store into the Flex IT public cloud platform by NIL. Technical expertise and reliability of the local partner were the main reasons that made Big Bang decide on NIL, as they topped the competition with the ability to provide fast and efficient support. Big Bang also had some concerns regarding security and information privacy, however the contract obligations and SLA-agreement persuaded them that Flex IT is fully compliant with their requirements and expectations.

"There are plenty of cloud service providers on the market these days, with global providers being a bit cheaper than the local ones. But from our perspective, price doesn't tell the whole story and is not the indicator of the most comprehensive offer in the region - as a customer you typically have to adapt to the provider, while at the same time its ability to provide local support is limited. The latter was a crucial factor when we were chose our partner and NIL was able to fulfil this requirement. Their Flex IT solution on the one hand offers "everything that the big ones have" and on the other hand we have a responsible person at NIL that we can always contact in case of any technical issues."

Andrej Vidmar, Business Process & IT Manager, Big Bang

The online store migration into the Flex IT followed a detailed plan prepared by NIL's and Big Bang's engineers and was concluded without any technical problems. It is important to stress that the store was accessible to visitors and fully functional during the whole migration process.

As a main advantage of hosting their web store in the Flex IT, Big Bang emphasizes less maintenance work and savings which resulted from it. They can also recognize any errors in their program code faster and NIL's experts proactively inform them in case of any unusual processes in the infrastructure, for example increased resource consumption.

Adjusting resource availability to the actual consumption is also significantly simplified and faster, which is crucial as it enables Big Bang to provide an excellent user experience also in periods of higher website traffic (for example before the holiday season). From a costs perspective, these adjustments are also more affordable in Flex IT in comparison with their previous IT infrastructure. The resource usage is billed by the actual consumption which brings Big Bang savings on two levels. First, the company spends less on an IT infrastructure that would be fully used only a couple of days per year and secondly they can more accurately predict IT costs in advance. On the basis of visiting trends they can now adjust available resources and configuration before the infrastructure load reaches the maximum.

All that results in significantly less technical issues, better and faster online store performance, minimum downtime, less maintenance work, and costs that Big Bang spends on operating the website.

Business benefits

  • Lower and predictable costs
  • Paying for the actual consumption
  • Faster and more reliable web store performance
  • Less maintenance work
  • Fewer technical issues


  • IaaS public cloud
  • Fast and easy resource adjustments
  • Resource consumption monitoring
  • Automated backup process
  • Proactive infrastructure status reporting