NIL Monitor maintains stability of IT infrastructure

After 20 years of market presence, Spar Slovenija d.o.o. (Spar) is proud of its business progress and market share, currently operating 85 shops of different sizes that offer more than 1,400 different products. Spar’s main focus is its customers; therefore, the company continually puts efforts into raising quality standards and improving customer relationships.

Product quality and diverse offerings are important contributors to customer satisfaction, but reliable and smooth work processes in the shops also have an enormous impact.

Requirement: No interruptions in shop work processes

Work in Spar’s remote locations is closely linked to the central location, because many processes are actually performed on the central information infrastructure in real time: cashier processes, credit card and cash payments etc. Blocked payment methods or even disturbances in the system are unpleasant for customers (causing stress, time loss etc.), especially if the problems happen repeatedly. Spar is very aware of the impact of such incidents on its customers and how customer dissatisfaction is reflected in the shops’ business results.

IT infrastructure isn’t important just in shops and for cashiers. Many internal tasks rely heavily on it: inventory and stock overview, insight into performed sales, status of orders and so on.

"We have fewer problems with our infrastructure, and that was our main goal. NIL also helps us with assistance services, and NIL Monitor fits into all of these factors in an excellent way."

Rado Habjan, Head of Informatics, Spar Slovenija d.o.o.

To deliver high reliability, Spar implemented independent WAN connections. Spar shops are interconnected with optical links as well as copper and UMTS links, while internally the Spar shops use copper and UMTS links. All links are double-ended at the central location, which provides backup in case of interruptions or link downtime.

Identifying problems with Service Provider infrastructure

Different Service Providers own links between the Spar shops; therefore, the company doesn’t have direct control of or influence over infrastructure performance. Downtime happens, with ADSL links and UMTS signal loss being a specific problem. Thus, Spar was looking for a way to minimize the influence of these situations on its business.

With the help of NIL Monitor, NIL’s experts can identify infrastructure deviations and inform Spar’s engineers in a timely manner. This advantage means that most problems can be solved at the Service Provider level, before having a significant impact on Spar’s services and processes. In the case of link downtime, the traffic is transmitted over a backup link.

At-a-glance insight into shop performance

One major feature provided by NIL Monitor is an interactive map that visually displays the current status of all system devices, providing a total overview of the infrastructure in real time. In case of trouble, the engineer can easily spot the situation on the map and take appropriate action. The displayed parameters can even be adjusted according to the company's preferences.

SPAR Case Study 2011

In addition to its focus on reliability, Spar pays a great deal of attention to security issues, and NIL helps in addressing that need. All links are secured with IPsec VPN mechanisms and digital certificates. NIL monitors the validity of these security features and informs Spar about necessary updates, allowing the company to keep its full attention focused on the core business.

Fewer problems, better optimization, assistance as needed

With the help of NIL Monitor, Spar has significantly reduced the number of problems in its infrastructure and the length of reaction time when issues appear. Along with this proactive monitoring, NIL analyzes infrastructure trends and helps Spar to develop and implement optimization plans.

All in all, NIL conducts complete maintenance of Spar's infrastructure, with NIL Monitor and assistance services enabling Spar to focus completely on the needs of its core business, leading the company to greater success.

Business benefits

  • Optimized IT infrastructure performance
  • Preventing issues in the network
  • Faster problem- solving with Service Providers
  • Year-round proactive monitoring
  • Trend analysis
  • Experienced advice on optimization

Solution characteristics

  • Supervision of redundancy mechanisms and quality of UMTS links
  • Links and location reliability tracking
  • Monitoring validity of digital certificates for IPsec and VPN links
  • Interactive map
  • Phone or e-mail notifications
  • Detailed overview of devices
  • Supervision of system room environmental conditions

You focus on your business, we will keep an eye on your IT

NIL Monitor provides independent monitoring of the functioning of your IT infrastructure, continuous insight into the functioning of all vital IT and communications components and services, proactive detection and rectification of issues as well as identification of IT environment functioning trends. It helps you improve the functioning of your IT infrastructure without having to make any further investments into hardware and experts, and in managing your IT infrastructure.