IS Investment

Thanks to the NIL Turkey team for the unique network design solution!

We maintain our Internet connectivity through two Service Providers, and we ran BGP as a routing protocol on those links. Generally, when working with two SPs, most engineers make one router active for one SP and another router for the other, configuring BGP between them.

The NIL Turkey team decided on a slightly different approach. They deployed a quite unique VRPP design that allows BGP routers to receive full routing tables and use both links active/active to handle a serious amount of upload traffic. The other benefit of using both lines as active/active state is that each customer can access our services through the closest SP across his/her own SP. This means low latency and high-quality service, which are key factors for brokerage houses.

Even more, the new network design provides that, in case of failover scenarios, even if one of the routers goes down, it takes only 1 ping loss to converge the network again. This solution doesn’t just mean a significantly more bulletproof network design, but also lowers our cost for backup links.

I would like to thank the NIL Turkey team, especially lead engineer Murteza Yilmaz, for a job well done on our network deployment. They completed all the requirements on time and the design works really smoothly, with very fast failovers.

Arkın Şengönül, IT Manager, IS Investment


Project Information

The NIL team deployed a rare VRRP configuration and a unique network design on two Cisco 2921 routers.

About the client

Brokerage house IS Investment was established in 1996 by İşbank, which has always held a distinctive place in capital markets. The company offers investors products and services pertaining to domestic and international capital markets. Beyond traditional brokerage activities, IS Investment provides corporate finance, investment advisory, asset management, brokerage and research services to domestic and foreign investors. IS Investment handles the highest number of public offerings in Turkey.


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