Bring data securely from LoRaWAN endpoints to the cloud or your apps

Do you want to deliver your IoT solution to your client fast and with minimal effort? Would you like to connect a number of dispersed field endpoints with a cloud or private backend application? No problem, we can help you bring your valuable data securely to the right application.

NIL’s LoRaWAN Network Server for IoT solution handles the provisioning and managing of your endpoints and gateways in an efficient, scalable, and secure way. It is a central part of the LoRaWAN environment that peers with all of the LoRaWAN endpoints and then links them to a specific application server.

Communication between the endpoints and LoRaWAN Network Server is provided through LoRaWAN gateways and securedwith encryption on the network layer. An additional level of security of transmitted data is provided on the application layer from the endpoint all the way to the application.

The LoRaWAN Network Server provides the management of gateways and endpoints, authentication and authorization of endpoints, network encryption and decryption, data routing, adapting data rates, eliminating duplicate packets, and interfacing with applications.

NIL LoRaWAN Network Server for IoT

Secure, easy to manage, and transparent

Your users can do everything on their own in minutes

On the LoRaWAN Network Server, you can take care of registering and managing your LoRaWAN devices and gateways and defining routing to the corresponding application. We already provide interconnectivity with the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. There are APIs available for integration with your on-premise applications.

We take care of secure multitenancy

Your endpoints, gateways, and applications are managed on the LoRaWAN Network Server separately from other organizations. Your users may only manage your devices.

We do not charge you for endpoints

We understand your IoT service financial complexity due to too many variables that contribute to the end-price service and often lead your service to financial unsustainability. Our service is based on gateway subscriptions only.

Improving workforce safety on industrial sites with IoT

NIL helped the OCP Group, a leading global chemical and mining company, establish a cost-effective and reliable solution based on IoT sensors to improve personnel safety at their industrial sites.

Technical information

Specifications and features

Gateway management


Endpoint management


Number of users per account


Activation methods

  • Activation By Personalisation (ABP)
  • Over-The-Air Activation (OTAA)

Devices support

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C

Per gateway statistics


Application payload decryption


Real-time frame display

From gateway or device

Cloud integration

Azure IoT Hub

Custom integration API

  • REST

Technical Support

8x5 (Central European Time)


Application server specifications

Limited long-time data storage


Alternative time series optimized database for data storage


HTTP download of stored data for a particular period


Graphical representation of the collected data in customizable dashboards


Affordable pricing for managed and private deployments

LoRaWAN Network Server for IoT solution is available as a managed cloud subscription service on NIL’s infrastructure.

For your private deployments of more than 50 gateways (GWs), we offer our solution as a software with perpetual licenses and annual support.

# of GWs

Monthly subscription per GW including support

(Cloud subscription model)

License price per registered GW

(Private deployment)

Annual support per registered GW

(Private deployment)

























 Please note:

  • Price excludes VAT
  • License and Subscription per gateway include up to 200 end-devices registered per gateway
  • Exceeded number of registered end-devices count as an additional gateway (200 devices = 1 GW)

More information

Feel free to contact us with your question about the LoRaWAN Network Server for IoT solution and deployment options.