Gajšek will be responsible for the transformation and consolidation of NIL’s sales and marketing activities for an even stronger footprint on the market.

On February 1, 2018, Aleš Gajšek took over the leadership of all NIL’s sales departments. He joined NIL after a decade in sales in the telecommunication and industry sectors. In his career, he proved to be an account manager, international sales leader, and sales director.

Gajšek is being appointed to the position of Chief Sales Officer in a time of significant business growth, expansion of solution portfolio, and increasing footprint in international markets. All of this demands organizational adjustments at NIL and even more intense digitalization and consolidation of sales activities within the group of NIL’s companies, markets, and sales channels.

Vasko Berden, NIL’s CEO explained the reasons for the changes: “Fast progress in tech, new customer expectations, and changes in business models are forcing us to continuously improve our solutions and adjustments in the organization as well as approach to the markets. The creation of a new position is part of that evolution and Aleš Gajšek is a perfect fit for it. I expect him to bring together NIL’s knowledge, solutions, and people and lift NIL up to an even higher level, closer to the customers and toward even greater success.”

Aleš Gajšek, new NIL’s chief sales officer commented the appointment: “I am very proud that I was entrusted with the sales leadership in one of the most successful IT companies in the region. The expert knowledge, a great team, and open to changes fill me with optimism. I am sure that this is the beginning of a new, even more successful chapter for NIL.” He also explained his main goals and priorities: “The establishment of consolidated sales and marketing strategies and syncing of activities on all markets are the main goals of my mandate. NIL believes in digitalization and this has to be clearly seen in the way we work and in our relationship with clients. This is the only way that they will trust that digital transformation is also the way toward growth for them and that NIL can help them achieve it.”

The changes are also a reflection of NIL’s bold business plans. We will continue being the trusted partner in IT transformation for our clients – this means providing them with solutions that have a clear and measurable positive impact on business results. Moreover, we see IT security and data protection and as one of the key challenges for businesses, and NIL will continue providing solutions that will protect our clients from cyber criminals and help them establish and maintain trust with their partners.

We also plan to continue growing our business on international markets. Advanced networks and complex IT infrastructures remain NIL strongest areas. We are leaders in IT automation and orchestration and especially here we see very strong potential for new success stories and partnerships.

About NIL

NIL is a globally recognized provider of advanced data center, network, cloud, and IT security solutions and services for business and industry environments, state institutions, public organizations, and telecoms.

We do business worldwide with local representatives and partners in South Africa, Morocco, United States, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Serbia, and Croatia. NIL is headquartered in Slovenia and employs more than 150 experts.