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We deliver education and training services either independently to increase the knowledge and proficiency of your staff, or as a component in project delivery, where they serve the role of information transfer, and ensure that our customers have all the competence and experience needed to extract business value from past projects.

Few educational service providers heavily customize their training and workshops to their customers’ specific projects, environments, and needs, which makes our learning services that much more efficient (not to mention, recognized and rewarded on a global level).

Learn from field-proven experts

IT education most commonly takes place in an, for lack of a better term, academic context. There’s some truth to the old sarcastic maxim of “Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach.” Woodie Allen took it a step further, saying “Those who can't do, teach. And those who can't teach, teach gym.” Too often, those who cannot do, also teach IT.

Not only do we disagree with this approach, we think it causes untold damage the form of resource underutilization and poor decision-making. In IT, a poor platform development or integration decision can hurt the broader system in which it’s implemented for years to come.

This is why we focus on both the educational and teaching quality of our instructors. This includes the requirement, that instructors maintain practical implementation activity throughout their teaching years. This means that our instructors not only have experience in what they’re teaching, they also have recent experience, which they use to enrich your courses and modules with pointers and examples specific to your current environment or the projects we implemented in it.



Expert teaching skills and knowledge transfer methodology.

Fast transfer of specific, highly relevant knowledge to a large number of engineers.

Courses taught by architects and senior engineers can be transformed into design workshops, which offer even greater value to the attendees.

Why NIL?

We develop official training and curriculums for some of the largest global IT vendors.

We develop internal training courses for large IT vendors and train their own engineers.

Glowing Learning Partner of the Year awards.

Upon customer request, the lectures are delivered by the individuals who were part of your project. Alternatively, we the lectures are held by highly qualified IT architects and senior engineers, practically blurring the line between education and training and consulting.

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